What Is Special About The Vivo y72 5g Smartphone?

Vivo Y 72 5G: availability and price The manufacturing company has priced the Vivo Y72 5G smart phone at amazingly low prices in India. The smartphone is available in grey and prism color options. The device is set to enter the markets in full blast from next month. The company has not disclosed the price of the device in any form. Further, we are also not aware of whether the device is available in white color or black color as many mobile phone lovers would like to own a smartphone of various colors. The availability vivo y72 5g of the device in different colors is another selling point of this variant of Vivo smartphone.

Hardware The device has been equipped with high end hardware specifications. It has been powered by a quad-core processor, 8GB RAM, Android OS 3.2, and it has a large multimedia memory. All these features make it one of the most desirable handsets in the India market. In the country, this variant is sold as the vivo y72 5g. The device is available with 2G and 3G connectivity and it has been loaded with a micro SD card which can hold plenty of data.

Memory The device comes with a spacious memory, allowing the users to store plenty of data. The main memory has been expanded in this variant so that it matches the existing specification of the smartphone. The built in memory of this gadget is expandable, allowing the user to add more memory in the future, if required. The good thing about the expandable memory is that it can be instantly upgraded when required. The manufacturer also includes a nifty collection of apps in this smartphone, which further increases its usefulness.

Graphic Performance The built in camera of this handset comes with an astounding pixel density of 4015 pixels. This sharpness is way beyond the customary cameras of smartphones, which come preinstalled in mobiles. The resolution of the visual display is also very excellent and it can recognize images up to two million dots. With an amazing colour combination, this handset manages to create an effect of 3D look which looks very appealing.

Sound Quality The sound quality of this smartphone is commendable for its price. The speaker of this smartphone has been positioned in the earpiece, which makes it a lot more attractive to the users. It has a clear sound quality and is capable of delivering clear and crisp sound. The software of this gadget is also enhanced with a lot of fun touch features which really enhance the pleasure of the user. The video y 72 5g is available in various colour variants which allow you to pick the one that suits your mood and personality.

Ultra Game Mode The software of this device has been specifically designed for this handset and it comes with an innovative feature called ultra game mode. This feature enables you to enjoy games on this handset without any hindrances. The innovative feature further offers you a wide range of fun touch screen games including bubble busters, arcade, escape the museum and trivia games to name few. You can also enjoy your favorite music genre on this device with the help of Vivo android apps.

Rear Camera The rear camera of this android handset comes with an excellent imaging quality and it has the ability to capture high definition images and videos. The main camera of this smart phone also comes with an auto focus and image stabilization features that enable you to take good photos and videos. The rear camera of the Vivo y 72 5g can also double up as a video recorder too. You can record your entire events through this device with the help of an Android device like the iPhone for free.

Video Recording And Photo Shooting The rear camera setup of this smartphone permit you to record videos with the help of two cameras – the front and the back. You can also record videos at different resolutions such as the normal, large, and extra large resolutions. The vivid colors of the HTC Veo Y 72 are also present in the HD video recording and you can enjoy watching your favorite movies or shows using this handset.