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So you are trying to choose a career path and are considering a football coaching jobs. This job is about pure, un-adulterated love of the game and shaping the young minds of our youth. It is also about school and town pride. This is especially true in certain parts of the country where everyone sleeps, eats and truly lives football. You have to be ready to be the be all end all. Football Live score If the team does well, you are a king so to speak. But if the team doesn’t do well, even just for a short period of time, you may very well lose your job. Being a football coach is about passion, inspiration and a deep understanding of the game. So how do you achieve that coaching career dream? Here are a few guidelines to help you get there.

First, you need to know your stuff. You must have a deep, intense understanding of the game. Sound obvious, not to all. It’s not just about being able to follow those Monday night games, you need to study it and be comfortable enough with it to teach others. Treat it as professionals in any business do, as your profession. So, as a chef knows their recipes, you know your plays.

Next you need to make sure that this is the right path for you. This is one of those lucky careers where you can easily try it out first. Do this by volunteering to be a coach or assistant coach in the community. If you’re still a little shaky in your knowledge still, an assistant may be a better first choice.

Once you’ve done this and are even more fired up to be a professional coach, decide which avenue of coaching you would like to pursue. If you limit yourself to private or religious schools for example, you may not need any schooling or certifications. If you would like to be a high school or college coach however, you will need a BS in an area of teaching. Any area will do fine, but most choose P.E.

After you’ve graduated and have volunteered throughout your schooling, apply to local Junior and senior high schools for a spot on the coaching team. Many schools have offensive and defensive coordinators as well as assistant and head coaches. After a few years as a coordinator and then as an assistant, it will be time to apply for a head coaching position.