Top seven Thai names for the children

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 Since their beliefs and customs have altered, many Thai parents now search for the fortunate name for their children in advance. Many people need to find a perfect time before doing anything like calving, buying a vehicle, buying a house, or having surgery, among other things. The following are the top seven Thai names for children with favorable meanings:

1.      Theeraya

          It can be spelled “Tee-Ra-Ya”. This name is suitable for children who are born on Sunday. There is a good meaning of “Intelligent.” Meaning that if you name your child with this name, it will bring positive things for you. The child will learn to be good, and intelligent in every event in the child’s life. Sometimes, your child will be more intelligent than other people.

2.      Kanyakorn

          It is sometimes written “Kan-Ya-Korn.” This name is appropriate for children born on Monday. This name has a wonderful connotation since it signifies “making the auspiciousness to produce perfect bliss.” Children will have a bright future if you give them this name. Everything the child does will be successful and joyful. Furthermore, the children will be wealthier and would not have troubles in their lives. When difficulties arise, your child may  deal with it appropriately.

3.      Nanthapin

          This name is suited for children born on Tuesday and may be written “Nan-ta-pin.” This name has a nice meaning that means “always happiness,” which implies that your child will be happy in every moment of their lives, even if they meet some obstacles, since they will be cheerful and solve them with a strong passion and attitude.

      4. Daran

It is also spelt “Da-ran.” This is a good name for children  born on Wednesday. The connotation is equally excellent: “surmount the obstacles.” It is the extremely exalted name of Lord Shiva Vishnu. Daran children are capable of overcoming problems or barriers in their lives. They can still pass even when confronted with difficulties.

     5. Jirapheya

It is pronounced “Ji-ra-phee-ya.” This is a good name for children born on Thursday. The name’s meaning is “forever adored.” That is, the child will be adored by everyone around them. Friends, teachers, parents, and others would adore the kid. They will be carefully taken care of by others.

     6. Nittha

          It is sometimes written “Nid-tha.” This is an appropriate name for children born on Friday. “Complete, Successful, Goal” has a great connotation. That is, the child will create their own mission or vision and will be successful as a result of their desire.

     7. Pasudha

          It’s spelled “Pa-su-ta.” This is an appropriate name for children born on Saturday. The meaning of this name is “hard working,” which might reflect the child, who will work hard to make their lives successful.

Before selecting which name for your children, you must focus on the date of birth of the children to choose a match with your children. However, if you plan to live in Thailand for a long time, I highly recommend you to purchase expat health insurance in Thailand from Rabbit Care. If you are sick or have bodily injury, the medical expenses will be paid by the insurer. Moreover, if you cover maternity which are benefits for you.