The E-Lottery increases your chances of winning

Here are some tips and information for E-lottery Players. I’ve been playing the E-lottery lotto for three years and can assure you that it delivers on its promises.

Syndicates are a way for people to pool their Lottery entries. This gives them a better chance of winning more money from the Lottery. Camelot, the UK National Lottery operator, says that 1 in 4 jackpots is won by syndicates. The E-lottery lets you play in a syndicate that has a difference.

Become a Syndicate Player and you will be able to join a syndicate of E-lottery players that includes 44 other players. They will share the same numbers, except the sixth. Each member of the syndicate will have a sixth number, ranging from 1 to 49. None of these numbers are repeated. This excludes the five main numbers of the syndicate. It is done to increase your chances for winning.

You get 44 entries to each draw with your syndicate entry. You now have 88 lines to participate in the Syndicate. This is how.

Each line has the same five common numbers. For example, 1,4, The sixth number is unique among the remaining 44 numbers. Each player receives one of these numbers.

This is because you can match any number on every draw on at most one line if you combine the numbers. Your syndicate will have live draw sdy  only 5 numbers that are not looking for all six numbers.

The chances of winning the jackpot have dropped from 1 in 14,000,000 to 1 in 1.9 million. This gives you a 733 per cent higher chance of winning. Each E-lottery syndicate member shares 5 common numbers. If at least 3 common numbers are drawn, all 44 lines of the syndicate will win a prize. Every syndicate member gets a share.

This is a better way to play, and it offers great value for money.