Reasons to learn to drive a car in a gearbox

Don’t you think you need to drive a car in a gearbox? Well, I have news for you. If you don’t know how to drive a gearbox, you can miss some amazing things in life.
If you don’t know how to drive a manual gearbox, why could your life be completely unaffected? Sounds ridiculous. Well, it’s not. Let me share a little talk with you.
Recently, I met a beautiful woman in the country of Uruguay, wanting to know about South America. He offered me to take me around driving school amsterdam the country, but we had to rent a car.
I was very excited to spend time with her and experience the best of the country in the south of South America. When we entered the rental car location, she talked to the staff and arranged a car for five days. After that, we were guided to the location of our car and each of us got into the car.
I look down and see it’s a manual gearbox.
I have never rented a car with a manual gearbox in my life. I thought that all the cars of the car rental company had an automatic gearbox, so I didn’t even know the possibility. Well, I was wrong. When my beautiful young friend realized that it was a manual transmission and asked incredibly, he saw my facial expression and said, “You know how to drive one of these. Are you? ”

Fortunately, the answer to this question was “yes”. He didn’t know how to drive a gearbox. It was great at first. Riding a wand is like learning a new language. You need to practice removing wrinkles. However, when the rust disappeared, I was able to drive without problems.
But what if my answer was “No, I don’t know how to drive a manual transmission”.

First of all, I would have lost all respect from my new friends. Men, girls expect you to know how to drive a manual gearbox, and when the time comes, and when you don’t know how, you probably won’t benefit from it. But secondly, the life experience I gained from that five-day trip gave me wonderful memories of being with me for the rest of my life.
These are my personal reasons to learn to drive a manual gearbox. In fact, it’s the life skill you need. There is no doubt that you can drive a gearbox even if your car does not have a gearbox without your car.