Many people are turning to the hyperbaric chamber for many different treatments and cosmetic applications.

There is a school of thought however that those who are claustrophobic may not be able to handle the time that is spent in a very small space. They worry that the treatments would not be effective because of the panic that is experienced by the patient. This article will show that this is a falsehood and those technological breakthroughs in the making of hyperbaric chambers means that anybody can feel at ease in in this confined area.

See Through Chambers – Many hyperbaric chamber cost of the new chambers that are in place in hospitals and therapeutic centers are fully encased in either clear glass or Plexiglas. This means that the patients have full view of everything in their surroundings so it is more like being in a room rather than being confined in a small space. It is this aspect that most worries those who are claustrophobic because it is the fear of the unknown or of being crushed that is at the heart of the problem. If they can see everything around them, they are less likely to panic.

Microphones and Intercoms – These units also have microphones and intercoms so the patient can easily communicate with the technicians that are in the room with them. They can also use these units to watch television, movies or listen to music so they do not feel like they are laying there waiting for time to pass. For those who do not have the ability to be quiet for long periods, such as those who suffer from autism, this is advantageous because they are more relaxed when obtaining their treatments.

Aversion Help – Those who would like to have a portable hyperbaric chamber will find that these units are not wholly encased in glass but they do have glass panels that allow them to see out. They may want to start their treatments with a shorter amount of time to allow them to realize that nothing bad will happen to them from being confined. Within a short amount of time, they can begin to have longer and longer sessions without too much stress.