Is it really possible to believe that anyone can win the lottery?

EuroMillions is Europe’s largest lottery. EuroMillions, a European-wide lottery launched by France and Spain in February 2004, is the largest. Francaise des Jeux is France’s lottery operator. This translates to the French Games. French government owns and operates the company. Loterias y Apuestas del Estado in Spain manages the lottery while Camelot operates the lottery in the UK. EuroMillions was launched in October 2004 when Switzerland, Austria, Belgium and Ireland joined EuroMillions. The initial draw was held once per week on Fridays. A Tuesday night draw data bullseye was added in May 2011. Both draws are held in Paris at 19.45 GMT. The cost of a EuroMillions tickets in the UK is £22. All prizes, except the jackpot, are exempt from tax and paid in a lump sum.

The booster fund can be used to increase the first jackpot or to support a growing series of jackpots. Participating lotteries determine the weekly amount.
One in 13 chances of winning any prize are good
There are only 1 in 95 chances of getting one of the lucky stars, but not any of the main balls. It is therefore less likely to get 2 main balls and 1 lucky star (equal to 1 in 46). There is no reward for getting only 2 lucky stars.
8.6% of the prize money has been allocated to a “Booster Fund” as of May 10, 2011. This fund can be used for increasing the jackpot prize.
These figures are only estimates and may vary depending on the total prize fund and number of winners. (Estimated prizes based on the reverse of UK playslip.
If the jackpot isn’t won, it rolls over to next week.
New rules regarding rollovers were implemented on 7 November 2009. The jackpot could have been rolled over up to 11 times before this date. If there was no winner, the jackpot would be divided to the next level of winners.
New rules introduced the Jackpot Pool Cap. The jackpot pool cap will be applied to any jackpot that reaches or surpasses 185,000,000. Any additional prize money rolled-over will be added to the jackpot pool at the next lower level (5 main numbers + 1 Lucky Star).
If the 185,000,000 jackpot does not win, the jackpot pool will be increased by $5,000,000 per week until it is won. Any additional prize money will then be added to the jackpot pool for a lower level.

There are 16531,800 odds of winning EuroMillions’ jackpot prize.

It is no surprise that there are an average of four rollovers per month.