Best Plate Carriers

A plate carrier is a piece of load-bearing equipment (LBE) that allows for more ammunition, accessories, and personal items such as medical supplies to be carried. The number one goal of any plate carrier is to properly distribute the weight on your body as evenly as possible which can help reduce muscle fatigue over time.

So you’ve finally decided to invest some money into a Plate Carrier . There are so many different types on the market, manufactured by different companies, with various features and levels of protection. You might be thinking: ‘Why should I buy one knowing there’s hundreds out there and all offering different things?’ Well that’s why we’re here; to offer some insight on what you should be looking for in these carriers.

You’ll want to consider what type of activity will be putting your Plate Carrier through it’s paces when compiling the list of features you’re ideally looking for in this piece of kit. If you require ultimate protection, then don’t go buying a carrier that is very lightweight but doesn’t offer much in the way of ballistic protection as this could leave you seriously injured.

On the flip-side, if you’re someone that runs around with soft armour under your shirt and a blue vest on top, then you’ll have no need for an armoured carrier and can save yourself some money and opt for something cheaper. But again, if you’re going to be running around under a shirt and behind a blue vest, then why would you want a plate carrier in the first place?

Some features may include:

MOLLE Straps (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment), Quick Release Buckles and Padded Shoulder Straps. These two carriers are very similar in design with most differences being cosmetic. They both offer similar features which include MOLLE Staps, Padded Shoulder Straps, Quick Release Buckles and are available in different camouflage patterns. The Condor is currently priced at $29.95 while the NCStar can be found for around $19.99. Check here more

Condor Plate Carrier


  • Price range of around ~$20-$30.
  • Usable for heavy armor or lighter body armor usually due to adjustable straps provide multiple options for wearing/carrying plates.
  • Velcro panels enable custom designs
  • Tend to have more MOLLE straps than other carriers allowing more optimization of storage space                   comes with a 10×12 inch plate


  • Can sag if not tightened properly
  • Depending on the carrier, adjusting the shoulder straps can be difficult to tighten/loosen
  • Lacks quick release straps (requires removing entire MOLLE panel)
  • Lacks interior lining (can irritate skin of wearer)
  • Can occasionally (less than 5% chance) be shipped with improper stitching of front panel leaving small holes for water to penetrate                
  • Tends to wiggle around shoulders more than other carriers

NCStar Plate Carrier


  • The price range of around ~$20-$30
  • Armor fits tight and does not sag due to adjustable velcro strap design allowing leveling of plate weight
  • Comes with a 10×12 inch plate
  • Comes with shoulder pads that have MOLLE webbing
  • Can be worn without plates
  • Comes with quick release straps
  • Comes with interior lining
  • Generally more comfortable to wear than condor due to better padding on shoulders


  • Armor generally feels more flimsy
  • Armor generally does not fit as tight due to adjustable velcro strap design allowing leveling of plate weight
  • Lacks front hook and loop closure securing strap
  • Generally has lower quality nylon material compared to Condor carrier which can rip if caught on sharp object underneath it        
  • Is typically only shipped with one 10×12 plate (less weight distribution)