4 Proper Reasons for Students to Use Calculators

A Carbon Calculator is a tool to estimate a person’s carbon emissions, based on how much energy and what kind of energy is used in daily activities. The result of the calculation is an Calculation of the rhombus estimated emission figure in terms of tons of CO2 that is a person’s Carbon Footprint.

Many Carbon Calculators have been  created to measure Calculation of the rhombus area online one’s carbon footprint. These calculators divide an individual’s activities area online like how much that they drive and normal household activities. The calculator will generally calculate in mass units of CO2 per year. By inputting different formulations that are from the user of the calculator, it quantifies the amount of carbon dioxide or equivalent that are emitted.

Now all carbon calculators are different and have different formulas that are used for these calculations.

You can get a ballpark figure from a basic carbon Calculator rhombus area calculator to figure what your carbon footprint is. Some carbon calculators will also give you different tips to help you reduce your carbon footprint and some will also calculate for you how to off-set your carbon footprint too.

With any carbon calculator also called CO2 calculator only has the ability to calculate estimates. Entering precise information also makes a difference.

Here are some of the carbon footprint calculators that we offer for use on our site with a little information about them.

US EPA Household Emissions Calculator

You can use this calculator to get a general idea Calculator area rhomb of the size of your personal or family’s greenhouse gas emissions and examine the affect of taking various actions to reduce your emissions. The calculator is broken into three sections:

Section 1: Estimate your current total household emissions.

Section 2: Explore actions you can take to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, energy use, and waste disposal costs.

Section 3: See how much you can save (in dollars and emissions) by taking the actions you chose in Section 2.

Cool Climate Network Calculator

This calculator is a small business carbon footprint calculator. This calculator measures your footprint if you own a small business.

The first part is a quick footprint estimator. You are asked a few simple questions to give you an estimate.

This calculator figures transportation, facilities, procurement, and summary then gives you information on your footprint and gives you tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint.

We also have a footprint calculator for your pet, there are a few quick questions about your animal, things like if you feed them organic food and does your pet food come in paper or plastic etc. We just thought that this would be fun for you to do.

Just Remember That All Carbon Footprint Calculators Are Different

Here are just a couple reasons why carbon footprint calculators can vary in your calculation because conversion factors used are assumptions:

1. Is just energy and transportation considered or is lifestyle choices included?

2. Are direct emissions reflected in the calculation like current energy use or is indirect emission like latent energy that is was used to build your home?

3. Does it take into consideration of green energy being used in this calculation?